Un·or·tho·dox [uhn-awr-thuh-doks] adjective

not conforming to rules, traditions, or modes of conduct, as of a doctrine, religion, or philosophy; not orthodox: an unorthodox ideology.

Per·cep·tion [per-sep-shuhn] noun

A single unified awareness derived from sensory processes while a stimulus is present.





Fatima - Mind [Prod Floating Points] [Clge.Flp]

22/02 - Clge Live @ Luups - Red Lion, Shoreditch


22/02 - Live @ Luups - Red Lion, Shoreditch by Clge on Mixcloud

Had mad fun playin wiv the homies @ the 1st Luups event, looking forward to the next one!

Much love to all featured artists ~

Tall Black Guy - The Motor Is Running

Ohbliv - Nothing Like

Mndsgn - Ohms Ovr Baghdad (Mnd Rmx)

Mndsgn - Tellme(Ifyoustillhungry)

Knxwledge - Ijstwnt

Tall Black Guy - Luchini (Tall Black Guy Remix)

Kvze - Aquavnbv(Reflekt)

Kvze X Tuamie - Dough

Ahwlee - Boxt Up

Knxwledge - Renagademstr[TWRK]

Tuamie - Emoc Ereh

Tuamie - Telly’s Song

Ohbliv - Nodelay(keepushin)

Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah Geemix

Submerse - Melonkoly (Elaquent Remix)

Elaquent - Whatever She Wants

R-Kay - Funky Junk

J Dilla - Track 34

Original Art: Jesse Treece - http://collageartbyjesse.tumblr.com/

Download - https://db.tt/HLNQaPCW [Right Click + Save As]

Clge Mix - 14/02/2014 - Ghettospheric Valentines Ball @ The Love Inn, Bristol


14/02/2014 - Ghettospheric Valentines Ball @ The Love Inn, Bristol by Clge on Mixcloud

Had a supa dupa time playing with the Ghettospheric fam in Bristol at their Valentines Ball! Sending mad love and props to Matt Doggs, Naimi Nice, Adjowa and Tina Turntables for having me! ^_^

Much love to all featured artists ~

S.O.S Band - Sands Of Time (Reprise)

Mary J. Blige - Mary Jane (All Night Long)

Patrice Rushen - Remind Me

Janet Jackson - Got Till It’s Gone - Ft Joni Mitchell, Q-Tip

Teedra Moses - Be Your Girl

Brownstone - If You Love Me

2Pac - Do For Love

Pomrad - This Day

Pomrad - Summerscent

Mndsgn - Flybutter Instrumental

S.O.S Band - Even When You Sleep

Krystol - You’re The One For Me

Pomrad - Pomslap

Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (That Thing)

Donell Jones - U Know What’s Up (Bonus Track Ft Left-Eye)

Jade - Don’t Walk Away

Fatback Band - I Found Lovin’

Mac Band - Roses Are Red

Download https://db.tt/57X24Bee [Right Click + Save As]


Excrsns.Vl[2] by Clge on Mixcloud

Decided to go for a name change for the mix series.. ‘Excursions’ felt more fitting ^_^

Much love to all featured artists ~

Oddisee - Man I Use To Be

Ohbliv - ReadMyEyes

Faith Evans - Keep The Faith

Iman Omari - CrzyWay

Miguel - Sure Thing (Scientific Remix)

Languid - Cwissmas Time Is Here

Knxwledge - .BestFrends

Kvze - 3.14(Plots)

J Dilla - Diamonds (The Shining Pt. 1)

Mndsgn - Expanshns (Not So Empty)

Quasimoto - Planned Attack

Ahwlee - Wht To Do

Original Art - James McNeill Whistler

Download - https://db.tt/iDEu5IrU [Right Click + Save As]


Samplamundo! EP by eKWESHON

A Beats EP made by eKWESHON

Luups - 22/02


Yo ppls, Unorthodox Perception warmly welcomes y’all to our first music night. This is an event that we hope will become either monthly or bi-monthly.

Saturday 22nd February


Line-up / DJ Sets from:





Flava Dré






Sonic Frequencies - Beats / Hip Hop mainly 

7.00 - 11.00

Its free entry so come down, meet peeps, vibe out~

Red Lion

1st Floor

41 Hoxton Street

London N1 6NH

Original Art - Jesse Treece - http://collageartbyjesse.tumblr.com

New mix by Clge - Slcts.Epsde[1]

Slcts.Epsde[1] by Clge on Mixcloud

Much love to all featured artists ~

Butcher Brown - Uncle Billy

Pete Rock - Escape

Fitz Ambro$e - Cani

Kaytranada - C.O.C’s American Dream

From - B - s i d e X S i r F r o d e r i c k ’ J u s A T a s t e ‘

Evil Needle - Moodolude 02

Busta Rhymes - Get High Tonight

Submerse - Sayz U

Dwele - You Won’t Be Lonely

Breezy Lovejoy - P.Y.P. (Carmack Edit)

Haz Solo - Have Mercy

Footbukone - Untitled

Kaleem Taylor - Gave You Everything

Original Art: Adolf Wölfli

Download Here - https://db.tt/u4WJOMsJ [Right Click + Save As]


Intro… Blocka Blocka!

Aweston & Clge checkin’ in all over that ass! We’ve started up this blog to provide London with a community on the web based around like-minded people who express themselves through art WITHOUT BORDERS! Yeah you heard right, we’re not concerned with the day to day grind that this society pushes on us. The art is everything. So sit back, relax and let us take you on a journey unlike any other.